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At the Divorce and Family Law Center, every client is treated with courtesy and respect.  But more importantly, clients are given honest advice.  We believe every client has the right to know the practical matters about their case.  Expertise and experience in handling thousands of Divorce and Family Law matters has earned Jerry Hoffer the distinction of a hard working lawyer who will give you honest advice.

Mr. Hoffer will zealously represent you in a most difficult time.

Contact the office now for FREE Information: Divorce and Family Law in Tennessee (the basics). Or, look around this website and read the wealth of information that is available to you. There is no risk or obligation to being informed!

Every Divorce is Different – Create a plan that is right for you.

No one plans for a divorce, and every divorce is different.  At the Divorce and Family Law Center, we understand there is no cookie-cutter solution for every Divorce or Family Law issue, and individual concerns are unique in every case.  If you choose to work with us, we will collect information about your situation, answer your specific questions, and help you form a personalized plan that fits you and your family’s needs.

Although many of our clients know what they want, many are not familiar with the legal aspects of their case. If you have made the decision to seek a divorce – let us guide you through the decisions that come next.

Get your questions answered by Jerry Hoffer, a practicing Divorce and Family Law attorney since 1991.   Divorce and Family Law cases are personal and emotional matters.  Do not make the mistake of giving in and giving up simply because you do not know the answers, are afraid to ask the questions, or fear the “fight”.  Not fighting for what is rightfully yours could have negative long term consequences on your life, your children, and your financial well being.

If you have made the decision to divorce or need the assistance with a related family law matter in Tennessee, be sure to consult an experienced Divorce and Family Law attorney.  We know what you need during your challenging transition: honest advice, clear legal information, understanding support, and a firm guiding hand.  We want you to start your new life with confidence, a fair settlement or disposition, and financial security – and we want your new life to begin as soon as possible.

We make communication with our clients a top priority.  To keep our clients informed about the status of and updates on their cases, we utilize the industry’s top technology system: MyCase. MyCase allows easy sharing of information and documents between Jerry Hoffer, his staff and his clients. You will always have the ability to view your MyCase file online, 24/7. And if you have an iPhone, there is an app for that. The MyCase app allows constant contact with Mr. Hoffer’s office and office staff.

For a confidential consultation concerning your Divorce or Family Law needs, call our office today!


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